Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers

There is now clarification by HMRC on Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers. They have extended the scheme to cover all employees that were on the payroll on the 19 March 2020 and for whom an RTI filing was made.

Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers
Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers

For most employers this will mean all staff employed for the month of February.

The grant will amount to 80% of the gross wage cost including employers National Insurance and statutory pension contribution, to a maximum of £2500 per employee per month.

Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers Eligibility

To be eligible, employees must have received a letter from the employer confirming that they are furloughed from the start date. The letter must state that during the course of the furlough they must not undertake any work on behalf of the employer and any other organisation connected or associated with their employer.

This includes the provision of any service and/or generating income. 

An employee who is furloughed may take on additional employment or voluntary work without affecting their eligibility again provided that this work is in no way connected to their employer.

Employees Employed after the 1st March 2020

Any employees who has started to work on reduced hours or reduced pay since 1 March 2020 will NOT be eligible.

Employee with Caring Responsibilities

Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers, employees with caring responsibilities
Employees with caring responsibilites

Employees with caring responsibilities, for example young children, may be furloughed even if the employer is continuing to trade.

Any employee with more than one employer may be furloughed by each employer and the cap of £2500 per month applies to both employers.

Coronavirus – Job Retention Scheme for Employers – Claiming

To make a claim an employer or their authorised PAYE agent will need to supply the following information to HMRC.

  • employer PAYE reference number
  • number of employees furloughed
  • NIC number and name of each employee furloughed
  • employers UTR
  • claim period – start to finish
  • amount of claim- aggregate of three months March, April, and May 2020
  • bank account and sort code
  • contact name
  • contact telephone number

Portal to claim should be open on the 20th April, 2020

HMRC intend to have a portal open to make the claim by 20 April on on-line services.



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