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ABM Accountant Reading self-employed update, bringing you the latest update. HMRC are finally about to launch their portal for the self-employed to claim a grant.

ABM Accountant Reading latest Self-Employed Update

Unfortunately, they have announced at the same time, that the taxpayer to to make the claim themselves. NOT through their agents.

We are therefore precluded from applying on your behalf. We will however be available to assist any client with questions regarding your claim.

Self-employed Update – How to Claim

Accountant Reading  Self-employed update, how to claim
Accountant Reading Self-employed update. How to Claim.

To claim you will need the following:

  • UTR (unique tax reference number). This is a 10-digit number you will find on the tax reports we send you. Or from any correspondence from HMRC
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • A gateway account. This can be obtained by contacting HMRC on-line and follow the link to apply for a personal gateway account for the self-employed.

How long do I need to have been registered as Self-Employed to claim?

To claim you must have been registered as self-employed and have at a minimum filed a self-assessment return for the year end 5th April 2019.

The monthly grant will be calculated by taking an average monthly amount. THis will be based upon the last 3 years taxable profits. The amount will be less if 3 years returns were not filed.

ABM Accountant Reading – Keep Updated

Check out daily the website and claim as soon as the details are announced. The current details state

The online service will be available from 13 May 2020. If you’re eligible, we will tell you the date you can make your claim from. If your claim is approved you’ll receive your payment within 6 working days.


In the meantime, and to speed up the process, apply for your gateway account now.

To obtain full guidance from HMRC go to

In the meantime if you have any questions please do contact us, ABM Accountants Reading

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