Accountancy Services Reading

Accountancy Services Reading. At ABM Accountants Reading we find ourselves mainly working with;

  • Small Businesses
  • SME’s
  • Self Employed.

We also work with larger more complex companies.

ABM Accountancy Services Reading

Accountancy Services Reading, M4 Corridor
We deliver and collect covering the whole M4 Corridor. We operate with a fixed fee agreement and your first consultation is free of charge and no obligation.

Our Accountancy Services Include:-

Full initial set up of your business

Advice on starting a business, trading as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Furthermore, how to keep compliant with HMRC and all other Government institutions

Accountancy Services Reading – Limited Company Formation

We form limited companies on behalf of clients, normally within 24 hours.

This includes for instance;

  • registering the company with HMRC for all appropriate taxes
  • provide a registered office address if required
  • present all the information necessary to open a business account and commence trading

Limited Company Accounts

Accounts prepared on either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis

Sole Trader Accounts

Accounts prepared on either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis

Personal Tax Returns

Assistance in in preparing self-assessment tax returns for all:

  • self-employed traders
  • limited company directors
  • landlords
  • high earners

In addition we provide advice on reducing tax wherever possible

Monthly Payroll and CIS

Regular monthly book-keeping, payroll and CIS services

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual VAT Returns

Quarterly and Annual VAT returns for clients who wish to out-source these tasks

Accountancy Services Reading – Company Secretarial Duties

We are able to undertake on your behalf the company secretarial responsibilities. This may include:

  • filing of annual confirmation statements
  • changes of directors
  • registered offices etc
  • preparation of AGM minutes

Tax planning and advice

Planning your finances in advance enables you to take advantage of the various tax advantages available from HMRC. In other words this planning can save taxpayers substantial payments in the future.

  • Inheritance tax
  • Entrepreneurs relief
  • Research
  • Development grants.

Ongoing support for Reading Businesses

Most businesses are dynamic changing year on year. Accordingly this often requires reviewing all aspects of the business on a regular basis. Similarly our clients find our pro-active approach very helpful. In other words when compared to the reactive approach from some of our competitors

Compliance checks

The business person today is burdened with compliance regulations. Indeed, these are requested from Government departments to supply information about:

  • their business
  • health & safety regulations
  • GDPR

The list is endless.

Our clients receive regular updates via our web site and Facebook advising the of new regulations. Furthermore providing consultation on how it affects their business. Above all we provide assistance in complying.

Accountancy Services Reading – Bookkeeping

It is a legal requirement for all businesses to keep an accurate record of their financial transactions. Similarly we provide advice on what is required. Furthermore we can undertake regular book-keeping on behalf of clients.

Assistance in applying for funding to include Venture Capital and Government Grants

In addition, we provide advice on many aspects of business both UK and internationally.

Ask us about:-

  • grant  funding
  • venture capital applications
  • business plans.
Accountancy Services Reading, ABM Accountants
Accountancy Services Reading, ABM Accountants
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